Heritage of Uzbekistan (5 days/4 nights)


5 days (4 nights)





Route: Tashkent — Samarkand — Bukhara — Tashkent


The Uzbek people have a rich historical past, the pages of its history inextricably linked with the history of Central Asia. The land of Uzbekistan is a kind of precious archive, storing unique historical and archeological monuments of different epochs. No republic of Central Asia has as many historical monuments and ancient cultures as Uzbekistan. The territory of our country considered the cradle of the most ancient human civilization.


1-day Tashkent

Arrival and meeting at the airport in Tashkent.

After breakfast, an excursion to the capital of Uzbekistan, the largest city in Central Asia. You will begin by exploring the Old Town. Visit the complex Hast-Imam, where the world-famous Koran, a sacred book that belonged to the Caliph Osman, was preserved. The complex consists of the Barak-Khan Madrassah, the Tall Sheikh Mosque, the Abu Bakr Mausoleum of Kaffal Shashi and the Islamic Institute of Imam al-Bukhari. A trip to Chorsu bazaar. Then take a ride in the Tashkent metro to the city center through the Amir Timur Square, Independence Square and visit the Museum of Applied Arts.

Overnight at the hotel.


2-day Tashkent-Samarkand

Breakfast in the hotel. After breakfast, transfer to Samarkand.

At 06:30, send-off to the station for the high-speed train Afrasiab (Talgo 250).

10:00 The beginning of the excursion in Samarkand.

Excursion program around the city:

Mausoleum of Guri Emir — the tomb of Tamerlane (14-15 century) — the place where Amir Temur, his sons and grandchildren are buried. Registan Square is one of the outstanding examples of urban architecture of Central Asia, which was established in the 17th century and consists of three madrasahs — Ulugbek (1417-1420), Sher-Dor (1619-1636) and Tillya-Kari (1647-1660 biennium The Bibi Khanum mosque is the largest in Central Asia and one of the largest in the entire Muslim world.

The architectural complex Shahi — Zinda (11-15 century) — the burial place of royalty and nobility. However, the main mausoleum, from where the necropolis begins, is the imaginary tomb of the cousin of Prophet Muhammad — Kusam Ibn Abbas. It called «Shahi Zinda», which means «Living King» in Persian.

Observatory of Ulugbek (15th century) — Scientific works of Ulugbek were created by dint of a unique observatory, which he built in Samarkand. The main stationary tool was a giant quadrant located inside a cylindrical building with a diameter of 48 m (the remains of the foundation, or rather trenches from it, found during archaeological research).

Visit to the Mausoleum of the Prophet Daniel — The Prophet Daniel revered by three world religions.

Overnight at the hotel


3-day Samarkand-Bukhara

Breakfast in the hotel.

Visiting of country objects:

Samarkand was famous throughout the East for its paper, the technology of production of which borrowed from China in the 7th century. The secrets of this craft forgotten and restored with the help of UNESCO. The second point of interest is no less interesting — it is the Samarkand carpet factory «Khurdjum», where silk carpets are hand woven. The uniqueness of the products of this factory is also in the fact that materials for coloring here made from natural dyes: walnut, pomegranate, indigo, madder.

In the evening transfer by train to Bukhara.

Check-in at the hotel.


4-day Bukhara

After breakfast tour in old Bukhara:

Citadel Ark is a city in the city (4th century BC), Bolo Haus Mosque (early 20th century) The architectural ensemble Poi-Kalon (Pedestal of the Great), the religious heart of Sacred Bukhara, consists of Kalyan minaret, Kalyan mosque and madrassah Miri-Arab.

Madrasah Nodir-Divan-Begi, Magoki-Attori Mosque (12th-16th centuries), Lyabi Houz Ensemble (14th-17th centuries), Kosh-Madrasa Ensemble (consisting of two opposing madrasah Madari-Abdullahan (Abdullahan’s mother and Abdullahan’s madrasah). Mausoleum of the Samanids (the tomb of representatives of the Samanid dynasty of the late 9th — early 10th century)

Mausoleum of Chashma Ayub (the Spring of Job). Chor Minor (Four minarets)

Overnight at the Hotel.


5-day Bukhara-Tashkent

After breakfast, visit the suburban sites of Bukhara region:

The location of the country palace of the last Bukhara Emir Sitorai Mohi-Khosa, a building in which you will see elements of western and eastern architecture, and then look at the complex of Bakhouddin Naqshbandi.

After lunch transfer to the station.

Transfer to the city of Tashkent

Arrival in Tashkent.

End of the tour



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