Lakes of Kyrgyzstan



There are two thousand lakes in Kyrgyzstan, but only sixteen have a surface area more than 1 sq. km.


The top 3 three lakes are:

  1. Issyk-Kul
  2. Song Kul
  3. Chatyr-Kul

Issyk-Kul (“hot lake, if translated from Kyrgyz) is the most famous lake in Kyrgyzstan. It is the 2nd largest saline lake hard on the heels of the Caspian Sea. Length/ breadth are 178 / 60.1 km, maximum depth is 668 meters.

Son-Kul is located at the altitude of three thousand and sixteen meters in Naryn Oblast (Province). Length/ breadth are 29 / 18 km, maximum depth is 13.2 meters. Son-Kul is the  largest freshwater alpine lake in Kyrgyzstan.

Another beautiful lake in Naryn Oblast (Province) is Chatyr-Kul , which is located in at the altitude of three thousand five hundred and thirty meters, the highest altitude lake in Kyrgyzstan. Length/ breadth are  23/ 10 km, maximum depth is 16.5 meters.

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