Kyrgyzstan  is a cozy highland,  famous for its picturesque Issyk-Kul lake (the 2nd largest mountain lake in the world), as well as for its trekking and skiing opportunities with 60% of the territory covered by mountain ranges. Kyrgyzstan hosted World Nomad Games in 2018, 2016 and 2014.






There are two thousand lakes in Kyrgyzstan, but only sixteen have a surface area more than 1 sq. km.


The top 3 three lakes are:

  1. Issyk-Kul
  2. Song Kul
  3. Chatyr-Kul

Issyk-Kul (“hot lake, if translated from Kyrgyz) is the most famous lake in Kyrgyzstan. It is the 2nd largest saline lake hard on the heels of the Caspian Sea. Length/ breadth are 178 / 60.1 km, maximum depth is 668 meters.

Son-Kul is located at the altitude of three thousand and sixteen meters in Naryn Oblast (Province). Length/ breadth are 29 / 18 km, maximum depth is 13.2 meters. Son-Kul is the  largest freshwater alpine lake in Kyrgyzstan.

Another beautiful lake in Naryn Oblast (Province) is Chatyr-Kul , which is located in at the altitude of three thousand five hundred and thirty meters, the highest altitude lake in Kyrgyzstan. Length/ breadth are  23/ 10 km, maximum depth is 16.5 meters.




There are more than 40 thousands rivers flowing across the country and none is reaching the sea. The most well-known are Naryn, Talas, and Chuy.

The Naryn River  has its origin in the Tian-Shan mountain, and flows west through the Fergana Valley into

Uzbekistan.  Its overall  length is 807 km

The Talas River has its origin in the Talas Region and flows west into Kazakhstan.

The Chui river’s overall length is more than 1000 km.

10 things to do in Kyrgyzstan

  1. Stay in a yurt, at least for 1 day (if you don’t have any preexisting conditions so that it is very cold in the mountains at night)
  2. Horse riding
  3. Watch national nomadic games (like those in World Nomad Games)
  4. Swim in the Issyk-Kul Lake
  5. Dive in Tuz-Kol (also known as “Dead Lake” due to its high solenity), visit lash green gorges (Grigorievskoe, etc) and attractions such as Kyzyl-Oi and Jeti-Oguz near Issyk-Kul
  6. Discover the pristine beauty of Son Kul and Chatyr Kul.lakes
  7. Go hunting with eagles
  8. See the Burana tower and Tash-Rabat
  9. Try local cuisine
  10. Enjoy Karakol mountain-skiing base in winter

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