Kazakhstan boasts the largest landlocked territory and is also known for its fascinating canyons, deserts and lakes, modern cities such as Astana and Almaty, as well as Baikonur, a spaceport, which was once the launch pad for “Vostok1“ spacecraft in which Yuri Gagarin first went to space.

charyn canyon

charyn canyon

Lakes in Kazakhstan


There are more than forty eight thousand lakes in Kyrgyzstan, but the most of them do not have a surface area more than 1 sq. km.

The Caspian Sea in the West of Kazakhstan is the largest inland lake in the world and is worth visiting. Also, there is Balkhash, a semi-freshwater drainage lake in the East of Kazakhstan. Its surface area  dropped from 68.90 thousand sq. km in 1960, to 17.16 nowadays due to a significant intake of water for irrigation, the volume of water decreases

Rivers in Kazakhstan


There are more than 39 thousands rivers flowing across the country, 7 thousand are longer than 10 km.


10 things to do in Kazakhstan

  1. Visit Almaty, the former capital and the largest city of Kazakhstan. It is famous for its fountains, parks, and museums.
  2. Don’t miss a chance to visit Zenkov Cathedral, one of the 8 most unique wooden buildings in the world.
  3. Explore the assortment of the main market in Almaty — Zelyony Bazaar (the Green Market)
  4. Move off the Almaty just a little bit, and get into the kingdom of magnificent mountains and beautiful lakes – start with Medeu, an outdoor speed skating, and roller skating rinks.
  5. Visit Astana, the capital and the 2nd largest city of Kazakhstan. It is famous for its modern and unique architecture, windy and cold climate.
  6. Bayterek Tower –is one of the most famous sites in Astana, which representing the mythological “tree of life” where the magic bird of happiness Samruk has made its nest and laid its huge golden egg
  7. Charyn Canyon also known as the “little brother” of the Grand Canyon is 161 km (100 miles) long gorge where the pillars and rock formations are so impressive that they look man-made.
  8. Khan Shatyr Entertainment Centre in Astana is thought to be the world’s largest tent, which is made of a transparent material and suspended on a network of cables strung from a central spire 150 meters (492 ft) high.
  9. The Singing Dunes (as Singing Barkhan or Singing Sand) in Atlyn Emel National Park — a mountain of sand, whistling sound when the wind skims across the sands. 1,5 hours driving from Almaty.
  10. Road trip on the Kazakh Steppe, which is a seemingly endless expanse of grassland, arid and almost completely flat.

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